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Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson

Eq-STREAM (/ikˈstrēm/)  What is the R?

Equity | Science | Technology | r | Engineering & Artistic design | Maths reasoning


What does it mean to be “EqSTrEAM”? Why is science--the discipline that is so closely tied to the construction of knowledge--the best framework for this conversation?


Science--the widely accepted discipline that allows for knowledge construction--is the perfect location for a discussion of “the r” in EqSTrEAM. Truly, without consensus and publication, science is little more than a collection of random facts and observation. What that means then is that “the r” boldly acknowledges and accepts the pre-requisite nature of community, collaboration and humanity--in order to be rendered valid or valued. 

The R in EqSTrEAM (paper)


Atlantic County Education Association Alliance Keynote 
(October 1)

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