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A Tale of Two Cities: Teaching and Talking about Mathematics using Game DesignAbstract: The Rocky

A Tale of Two Cities: Teaching and Talking about Mathematics using Game Design


The Rocky Mountain region is characterized by breathtaking features that dictate how and where people live. Plains, prairies and urban landscapes etched by snow-capped mountains, outcrops and striated buttes define varied social contexts for its citizens. Part of a larger study of gaming and robotics in middle school extra-curricular programs, the present analysis investigates “math talk”  during game design instruction at two informal learning sites.  An overarching goal of the study is to identify appropriate ways to increase interest in STEM-related fields among urban minority and rural youth. This paper presents participant-observation and secondary qualitative data on math discourse in game design learning environments. A framework for understanding NCTM-endorsed communication models is presented in light of the no-stakes research setting.

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