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The nuances and complexities of teaching mathematics for cultural relevance and social justice

…, W Brooks, J Barnes-Johnson… - Journal of Teacher …, 2010 -

Mathematics is not a race-neutral subject. Access and opportunity in mathematics for 
students of color in the United States continue to be limited. While a great deal of attention 
has been given to increasing the number of underrepresented minority students in the …

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Preparing teachers to engage rural students in computational thinking through robotics, game design, and culturally responsive teaching

…, M Mitchell, J Barnes-Johnson… - Journal of Teacher …, 2018 -

This article examines teacher preparation and teacher change in engineering and computer 
science education. We examined culturally responsive teaching self-efficacy (CRTSE), 
culturally responsive teaching outcome expectancy (CRTOE) beliefs, and attitudes toward …

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Teaching science inquiry in urban contexts: The role of elementary preservice teachers' beliefs

J Leonard, J Barnes-Johnson, SJ Dantley, C Kimber - The Urban Review, 2011 - Springer

This paper reports on a study of elementary preservice teachers' inquiry-based practices, 
their efficacy beliefs, and the role beliefs had on two preservice teachers' practices in urban 
classrooms. Results show inquiry-based practices can be cultivated through field-based …

  Cited by 61 Related articles All 10 versions

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