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Group Affiliates


Jeri Johnson, Special Education


Jeri Johnson is currently teaching students with Special Needs in an urban school district. She has a Master’s in Elementary Ed, Special Education and School Psychology. She anticipates publication in an anthology, Love Letters to My Girls (Fall 2020) and next year, a Biblical Profile of Women of the Bible and Trauma. Her personal mission in life is To secure Justice...Equity...Righteousness...Integrity for herself and her students.


Dr. Shannon Stanford


Dr. Stanford is well-versed in current literature and best practices. She is able to share timely insights with school stakeholders. Dr. Stanford is trustworthy/reliable/credible. Because Dr. Stanford has worked in school environments, she is able to provide strategies that teachers and families are willing to try. Dr. Stanford is light-hearted and joyful. Given the stressful environment of schools, she presents an empathic and optimistic viewpoint for stakeholders.

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