Group Affiliates

Jeri Johnson, Special Education


Jeri Johnson is currently teaching students with Special Needs in an urban school district. She has a Master’s in Elementary Ed, Special Education and School Psychology. She anticipates publication in an anthology, Love Letters to My Girls (Fall 2020) and next year, a Biblical Profile of Women of the Bible and Trauma. Her personal mission in life is To secure Justice...Equity...Righteousness...Integrity for herself and her students.

Stephenie Tidwell,



Education is Stephenie’s second career and her first love.Stephenie spent 16 years in the Banking and Finance Industry before leaving in 2001 to become a Math Teacher. When asked, “If you were not in the field of banking what would you do?” She always responded, “Teach math”.

Dr. Shannon Stanford


Dr. Stanford is well-versed in current literature and best practices. She is able to share timely insights with school stakeholders. Dr. Stanford is trustworthy/reliable/credible. Because Dr. Stanford has worked in school environments, she is able to provide strategies that teachers and families are willing to try. Dr. Stanford is light-hearted and joyful. Given the stressful environment of schools, she presents an empathic and optimistic viewpoint for stakeholders.